Omg! You're down the rabbit-hole, Alice!

So this is what Limbo feels like...

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Hi! If you're reading this, you're obviously very low on reading material, so I'll make this as entertaining as possible for you.
I live in the magical world of Broxinia, that's just a few streets down from Narnia if you follow the signs. I try my best to fit in with the people around me, but alas, I fear I am far too normal! I occasionally like to head to locations of musical outlet (otherwise known as a "gig" to some strange folk) and swing my hair in a propellor-like motion to crazy music. Only once have I successfully achieved the power of flight from this.
Right now I'm taking a gap year because my school were insane enough to offer me a job in teaching guitar to wee little kiddies who can only play Green Day's "American Idiot" on their half-size guitars. After that, who knows...!
That's the teaser for now! If you feel you can handle the sheer craziness of this journal then add me and enter the wardrobe! Just watch out for mothballs (those poor moths sacrificing their manhoods)!

Here, have a random colour thing.

kirk hammett is love
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Well... he is so goshdarn cute!

Why not have another? Come on, you can't just have one guitarist of Metallica!

james hetfield is love
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One more? Why not! Only because it's so delightfully true ...and because I saw them play on the 26th of January! And believe me, it was simply delightful!

children of bodom is love
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